The transverse abdominal muscle

The transverse abdominal muscle … How many times have you heard of it? Those who follow Pilates classes probably also dream of it at night, 😉 but those who are not aware of this important muscle often incur poor posture or pain in the lumbar spine due to little or no tone. 

From the photo you see below, you can observe the abdominal muscles made up of several layers: 

1st: the rectus abdominis;
2nd-3rdthe obliques (external and internal);
4th: the transversus muscle.

It is the latter, which allows us to have a well-defined waistline 🙂 and above all, in Pilates, in synergy with the Pelvic Floor, precise control of the “core”.As you can see from the photo it is quite a large (expiratory) muscle, it is the deepest and embraces the whole waist.
But how to activate it?
I will try to be as clear as possible, using very simple terminology to make myself understood even by those who do not follow the Pilates method …
Imagine having to reach with your navel, the lumbar vertebrae … you will feel a deep compression of your abdomen … or again …, imagine wearing a very tight corset (of those used in the nineteenth century),

also in this case you will experience a feeling of compression of all life and not only, well, you are activating the transverse. 🙂
The activation of this important muscle therefore helps to control the “center”, but also in everyday life it can be of great help. It protects and strengthens the lumbar area, thus avoiding an attitude of hyperlordosis, having the abdomen less prominent and also more defined. The following image shows a correct posture of the lumbar spine and an incorrect one … the causes of a hyperlordosis can be more than one, a completely relaxed transversus is certainly one of them.

The awareness of a muscle so hidden but so important can therefore help us improve our posture day after day, reducing those annoying pains that often accompany us throughout the day due to incorrect postures.

Do not hesitate to ask me for clarification or to express comments …

I think that dialogue is the power of knowledge !!!
See you soon! 😉

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