The spinal column

How many times walking down the street have you seen someone with a shoulder bag? I guess many times, maybe it’s so common that you don’t even notice … And how many times have you noticed that person’s posture? Maybe a few, but next time … well … pay attention … Can you see a correct posture? Are the shoulders parallel to the floor? 
Alas I don’t think !!! When you are at the table, in the office, in front of the TV and so on … are you in the correct position ???

And how often do you hear from friends, family, coworkers or yourself that you have pain in your neck, back or lower back?
Often (but not always) they are the consequence of a contracted musculature due to poor posture.

Awareness first of all !!!
The vertebral column is formed by physiological curves that are clearly visible to the naked eye: the cervical curve, the dorsal curve and the lumbar curve …

As long as we can maintain the right posture with our muscles, everything is fine, but when we assume bad postures or have weak or too stiff muscles, all those problems mentioned above occur.
With a work aimed at the right alignment, the strengthening of the deep muscles and the flexibility of the spine, we can greatly reduce the discomforts that arise every day. 

And finally we can say … “today I feel great” …


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