The Silence…

Have you ever stopped to listen to the silence?

Daily life forces us to live with constant noise pollution to which we are now (alas) used to.

Noise today is considered a positive sign that translates into economic well-being, if the industry is booming, if the noise of the city stuns us, it means that everything is going well.

There is life!

If, on the other hand, silence reigns in our cities, we realize it immediately.

Have you ever noticed?

We are not used to it and sometimes we prefer to avoid listening to silence because it invites us to introspect that can scare us.

But if you are transforming silence into positive energy that can help us improve our lifestyle, it may be worth a little effort.

Silence, that magical moment that allows us to improve our concentration on what we are doing and how we are doing it.

In the Pilates method one of the fundamental principles is “Concentration”.

But if we do not combine this principle with the ability to listen to silence, we will never be able to perceive the messages that our body sends us, whether they are positive or negative.

So let’s try to carve out moments that allow us to appreciate the beauty of nature with its colors, the beauty of a bird’s song or flight … or, during a Pilates class, we try to listen to the rhythm of our breath. . . And with it, the execution of the movements will be dictated by a positive and fluid energy that will transform into a feeling of general well-being and better execution of the exercises.

J. Pilates said: “the Pilates method develops the body evenly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit”.

I wish you all the opportunity to listen to your silence.

Gina Siniscalchi