The Principles of Pilates (part 1)

The Principles of Pilates are fundamental to carry out the work program in the best possible way.

Let’s see together what they are:

Breathing: this is one of the basic principles that a student is taught at the beginning of his or her path, as each exercise is performed with deep breathing and coordinated with movement. Breathing is costal – diaphragmatic, therefore in the inspiratory phase a lateral expansion of the ribs will be carried out, thus allowing the diaphragm to descend towards the abdomen (it can be clearly seen in the illustrated photo); in the expiratory phase, on the other hand, there is a complete emptying of the lungs, in synergy with the movement to be performed and with the activation of the core muscles (mainly transverse and pelvic floor). In this phase the diaphragm returns to its natural position.

In the beginning, you can help yourself with your hands on the lateral ribs to feel the rib cage opening outward in the inhalation phase and closing towards the center of your body in the exhalation phase. In all this, great attention must be paid to the shoulders who must not participate in the respiratory act.

Control: We refer to the control of movements and the control between mind and body. Originally this method was called by J. Pilates “Contrology“, in this regard I faithfully report what he himself defined of this term:

“Contrology is the complete coordination of mind, body and spirit. 

Through  the  Contrology  method  first  of  all  you  will  acquire  complete  control  of  your  body  and  then,  through  adequate  repetition  of  the  exercises,  you  will  gradually  and  progressively  acquire  the  rhythm  and  coordination  necessary  to  carry  out  all  mental  and  unconscious  functions ”.

Concentration: the execution of movements associated with concentration, leads to having over time the ability to control one’s body, one’s mind and the right awareness of which muscles we are using.

Routine: in this regard, I bring you a sentence by J. Pilates that makes this concept  well … “Patience and perseverance are fundamental qualities for the final success of any effort worth making”.

It would make no sense to approach the method without perseverance and patience. Doing sporadic lessons does not lead to any result, if not that of having a minimum knowledge of the method, without however benefiting from it for oneself.

In the next article, I’ll tell you about the other principles:

Centralization; Fluidity; Isolation; Precision.

See you soon!  😉