The frenzy of everyday life


Often we get so caught up in the frenzy of everyday life, that we rarely stop to listen to the messages that our body transmits to us … We rightly prioritize our family, our work, but at some point we realize that the years have passed and our psychophysical well-being has hit rock bottom !!! And it is only then that we realize how neglected and sometimes even mistreated !!! Immune defenses are poor and we easily run into seasonal evils! It is therefore decided to carve out a couple of hours a week to try to make up for lost time, enrolling in a course that can make up for this lack. But sometimes, even in this case, it is not possible to obtain the desired results! Recovering years of neglect is not child’s play, our body needs time to get used to the new inputs and awaken sleeping muscles! Furthermore, the new generations are used to getting everything easily and quickly! And so we get impatient because it doesn’t happen or it happens very slowly !!! But for our body it is not like that, much less for our mind !!! When we do physical activity, whatever it is, can we listen to the messages that our body transmits to us? Do we respect our body and love it to the point of understanding our limits without wanting to overcome them and therefore run into further problems? It could be the right key to getting the desired results !!!

“… We find ourselves hunched over, with blocked shoulders, sunken eyes, weak muscles and our vital energy decidedly reduced if not even vanished. This is nothing other than the consequence of not having developed all the muscles in a uniform way. of the spine., of the trunk, arms and legs while we carry out our daily activities … ”

J.H. Pilates 1883-1967