Pilates is for everyone

The Pilates classes can be taken by everyone, regardless of age or gender. Matwork classes are held on the mat, free body and small tools: roller, ring, soft ball, gym ball, elastic bands, sticks etc…

The classes vary according to the specific needs of the student:

  • for PATHOLOGIES or specific causes of muscular rigidity (this is often the reason for lumbar, cervical or back pain), protusions, hernias, joint rigidity, etc…;
  • Applications in the field of REHABILITATION: the exercises can be adapted, without distorting the basic principles, to specific needs in the case of particular clinical problems of the spine or for particular needs in the field of postural gymnastics;
  • the practice of the Pilates method allows optimal muscle preparation prior to surgery or can serve as an effective post-operative rehabilitation method;
  • for women in PREGNANCY from the fourth month onwards: managing the pregnancy in the best possible way, managing, as the months go by, to establish a unique relationship with the foetus and preparing the future mother to manage the moment of delivery, with specific relaxation techniques and muscle strengthening of the pelvic apparatus, breathing techniques, etc…
  • for NEW MOTHERS and NEWBORNS: after the time necessary for the new mother’s physical recovery has elapsed (generally three months if a caesarean section, one month if a natural birth), the Pilates programme can be gradually resumed with the presence of the newborn, who will actively participate in the lessons in symbiosis with the new mother.
  • for SENIORS: the Pilates method slows down the ageing process. As we approach the third age, the body becomes less agile and flexible. Physical inactivity leads to a decrease in bone density and the volume of lean mass. J. Pilates exercises strengthen and lengthen muscles at the same time, helping you to develop the right level of mobility, lean mass and bone density;
  • for DANCERS: dancers often have stiffness or muscle soreness in the lower back, they need to strengthen the “centre”, to improve balance, Pilates can be of great help to them;
  • for ATHLETES: for all those who play sports of any kind at an amateur or competitive level, Pilates can improve their performance by contributing to greater awareness and control of their bodies;

and for those who simply want to tone their body and feel good about themselves!!!