Pelvic Floor Exercises

There are many exercises aimed at strengthening and awareness of the pelvic floor, they have no contraindications and are particularly useful for those who suffer from urinary incontinence or have recently given birth. These are very important exercises for those who play sports and can also prevent uterine prolapse problems. 

First exercise:

sit on a chair trying to keep the spine straight and imagine picking up a grain of sand with the pelvic floor, keep it for a few seconds and then let it fall back; 

Second exercise:

in the supine position (on a bed or on a mat) legs relaxed and crossed with each other, squeeze one thigh against the other as if to squeeze a small sponge ball, you will feel the pelvic muscles activate (this position is particularly suitable for those who don’t have awareness of this area); 

Third exercise:

think of an elevator that from the ground floor must reach the tenth floor and then go back. Between floors you can also take a break …. 😉
When done correctly, you will feel the deep muscles move towards the navel.
You will be able to perform this exercise more easily after performing the first exercise several times, and you can do it in any position.

And if you have the ability to associate a deep exhalation with muscle activation, then I would say that you are well on your way !!!

See you soon 😉

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