I introduce myself

I was still in my mother’s womb and I was already jumping like a Can Can dancer …

Then growing up not a day went by when I listened to music on TV, on the radio, on the street and I danced …I was a child so I had a lot of energy!!!

When I reached school age, my parents saw fit to enroll in a ballet class and I haven’t stopped since.

So I started an ever-changing career.

After becoming a professional dancer and having twenty years of experience in teaching what is the terpsichorean art, I discovered Pilates almost by accident. It was 2006 when I decided to become a certified teacher of this method and after only a year I decided to abandon the teaching of dance, to devote myself to all effects in Pilates. I thought … “if you think this is a good method, so dedicates all the time necessary so that you can be more and more prepared and updated “… and so it was, after a life spent on pointe, tutù and bars, I decided to give up everything for Pilates …

it still doesn’t seem real to me !!!

But I have not regretted this choice at all …. Indeed !!!

When you see your students enter the room with their faces saddened by negative thoughts, stress and so on and then see them come out with a smile, it is already a great satisfaction for me !!! And if they also tell you that they have physical benefits after a lesson, well … that’s the best !!!

In the evening, returning home, I think back to my working day and, the beauty is that I feel satisfied and happy … happy to have contributed in some way to improve someone’s day. 😉

So I think that the day I decided to leave classical dance was for me a day that radically changed my life !!!