Gina Siniscalchi

PilatesOne is run by Pilates instructor Gina Siniscalchi. She is an always positive person, with many years of experience in teaching this discipline and more.

Her professional career began at an early age with the study of classical dance, a passion that soon turned into work. She became a professional dancer and after about twenty years of teaching in the world of dance, she decided to devote herself to the Pilates method.

Since 2006, the year in which she graduated in Italy in Bari with the Italian Fitness Federation as a Pilates matwork instructor, she has constantly updated herself with specialisation courses, conventions and masters in order to offer her students the very best.

In September 2019 she decided to face a new and challenging experience by closing the Italian office and moving to Malta. In order not to leave her Italian students, she decides to continue to follow them through lessons via internet with Skype.

Professional Qualifications

Specialist in Corrective Exercise; Italy, Bari, November 2017.

Qualification of FIF (Italian Fitness Federation) instructor of Pilates Matwork Advanced; Italy, Rome, December 2006.

Qualification of FIF instructor of Pilates Matwork Basic; Italy, Bari, November 2006.

Certificate of professional qualification as a tersicorea dancer obtained at the Piccinni Foundation – Bari, in the school year 1983/84.

Advanced Diploma from the Royal Academy of Dancing in London, obtained in 1981.


Master in: “Posture and propioctivity”: work protocols for restoring correct posture and propioctivity exercises to improve balance and muscular responses to external and internal mechanical events. Italy, Rome, November 2008.

Master in: “Pilates matwork advanced Personal Trainer 1 to 1”: work protocols for teaching individual Pilates. Italy, Rome, June 2008.

Master in “Gentle gymnastics in pregnancy”: techniques for pre-partum fitness. Italy, Ravenna, June 2008.

Master in “Algie e paramorfismi”: work protocols to try to improve the most common and frequent incorrect postural attitudes. Italy, Rome, February 2008.

Master in “Pilates props”: specialisation requiring the use of small equipment: roller, ring and gym ball etc.; for a different type of exercise. Italy, Ravenna, June 2007.

Master in “Pilates pathologies”: matwork exercises for specific spinal pathologies. Italy, Ravenna, June 2007.

Master in “Pilates on the ball”: matwork exercises adapted to fitballs, for specific work on muscle stabilisation. Italy, Bologna, May 2007.

Master in “Pilates in pregnancy”: specific exercises to prepare women for childbirth and to quickly recover good muscle tone after childbirth. Italy, Bologna, May 2007.


Fascia Research Congress, Italy, Bologna – November 2016.

International Pilates Convention, Italy, Ravenna – March 2015

Convention – Holistic Approach to the Pelvis, Italy, Bologna – November 2013

International Pilates Convention, Italy, Ravenna – March 2011

Senior Convention, Italy, Cesena – April 2010

Body mind Convention, Italy, Ravenna – November 2009

Pilates Convention, Italy, Ravenna – March 2008

Pilates Convention, Italy, Ravenna – March 2007

Wellness Convention, Italy, Ravenna – March 2007

Her aim during the lessons is mainly to improve posture, gain self-confidence, awareness of one’s own body and abilities, and a lot of positivity!