Exercises for the transverse abdominal muscle

Today I am addressing those who have recently approached the Pilates method or do not know it at all and want to understand how to correctly activate the transverse abdominal muscle. So here are some simple exercises that you can perform independently and with extreme simplicity.

  • Exercise n°1: Lie on your back, hands under your forehead, legs slightly apart. Imagine picking up a grain of sand with your belly button, you will feel the deep muscles of the abdomen activate and the waist move away from the floor.

The same exercise can be done with another image … all women like it a lot! 😉 Think about picking up and keeping a diamond in your belly button … it would be a shame to lose it right?

You can perform the next two exercises in any position: standing, sitting, supine, prone, walking, waiting for the subway, etc …

  • Exercise n°2: imagine having to close the zipper of a pants of a smaller size … you will feel a sensation of compression of the whole abdomen … this is the activation of the transverse muscle.
  • Exercise n°3: imagine you have a sponge full of water in your abdomen … squeeze it as much as you can … you will also feel a sensation of deep compression in this case, well … you are activating the transverse muscle.

With these simple images you can then perform the most varied exercises to train the abdominals and carry out the entire Pilates program.

In carrying out these exercises it is essential to associate proper breathing, so try to perform them with a deep exhalation.

Good job, see you soon! 🙂

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