Gina Siniscalchi

PilatesOne is run by Pilates instructor Gina Siniscalchi. She is an always positive person, with many years of experience in teaching this discipline and more. Her professional career began at an early age with the study of classical dance, a passion that soon turned into work. She became a professional …

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Private lesson

The lesson takes place keeping in mind the specific needs of the student, by appointment, with the use of specific tools to improve balance, strength and elasticity of the body. Place to be defined with the student.

Video-conference lesson

Lessons take place by appointment, individually, via Skype.

Group lesson

These are classes for up to ten people, either free-body or with small equipment. They can be held in the gym, by the pool or on the beach.


Classes are held by appointment.

In the case of pathologies, the teacher will decide if the student can start practicing the method.

For reservations, write to:

If, at times, you do not receive a reply on the phone, it is only for fairness towards those who are making lesson…
You will be called as soon as possible.


Pilates Benefits

  • Promotes muscle elasticity and joint flexibility.
  • Facilitates the recovery of locomotor system deficits.
  • It stimulates the circulatory system through muscle activity.
  • It reduces back pain as it strengthens the deep abdominal muscles, intervenes in muscle lengthening and teaches better posture control.

Pilates is for everyone

The Pilates classes can be taken by everyone, regardless of age or gender. Matwork classes are held on the mat, free body and small tools: roller, ring, soft ball, gym ball, elastic bands, sticks etc…

The classes vary according to the specific needs of the student:


Postural evaluation

After the first appointment, which generally serves to receive all the necessary information about the course of the lessons, I will assess the need for a careful postural assessment, accompanied by static, dynamic, analytical, strength and flexibility tests.